AJE - Starry Night Over Mt. Hood

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Oh, how I have always loved Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting! A mix of Mt. Hood and Starry Night is just a perfect combination!

Five segments of copper and vitreous enamel have been hand painted with enamel watercolor paints and fired to about 1450 degrees. This fuses the glass and metal together, forever trapping the painting to the enamel. Watercolor enamels are made of glass that is ground very fine, and mixed with a wax base. When water is added, you can paint with it just like the paints you used as a kid!

Vitreous enamel is powered glass that has been fused to metal at about 1450 degrees! It is glass on metal, handle as glass.
I make kiln fired and torched fired enamel pieces. As the enamel fuses to the metal little variations occur, no two pieces are the same!

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