Arctic Beauty Necklace in Blue Opalized Wood with Sterling Silver 18" - CCJ

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This gorgeous necklace features a vibrant Blue Opalized Wood stone. When I saw these stones, they immediately reminded me of the stark beauty of the Arctic. On the back of the pendant is a cutout of polar bear and its cub walking across the ice. This necklace can be worn both ways--to show the polar bears, or just the stone.

  • Blue Opalized Wood
  • Sterling Silver
  • 18.5" Length

This is definitely a statement necklace! Due to the nature of the chain links, and the S hook clasp, the necklace length can be shortened by the wearer simply by hooking into a different link.

*If you would like me to shorten the total length of the necklace, *OR* to change the S-hook clasp to something else, please leave a comment at checkout or send me an email. 

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