Beacon: North by Northeast / Cool To Me

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Beacon: North by Northeast

Reclaimed Metal

May 2022


bea·con /ˈbēkən/

noun: a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration.

The most horrific of events creates the Beacons and usually they are all that remain to mark the blasted, poisoned aftermath. Beacons are rarely described directly: Remnants of the Fallen, Bearer of Tortures or The Sundered. Those who can speak past their sorrow, unanimously agree that Beacons provide an invaluable service as warnings and reminders of tragedy.

Early in the event's aftermath, most Beacons will choose to remain. Their presence illuminates a tragedy too great to leave unmarked. Eventually, a few at time, exhausted and spent, more Beacons choose to leave. Never many. Never all. A few will always forswear their own peace and remain as a warning.

In recompense of their service and acknowledgment of their sacrifices, local residents will typically provide for the resettled Beacons. A Beacon has need of a peaceful and joyful place to regain their equilibrium and reply in kind. Sometimes that environment is not available locally or a Beacon's need is too great. In those instances, a wider search is conducted outside the local sphere.

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