Ammi Brooks

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I have always had a creative project going in my life. I moved back to my hometown of Portland in 2010 from the Monterey Peninsula to be close to my daughter Ellie and my grandchildren (Max 13, and Porter 10). Ellie was the one who suggested felting! It is an ancient way of making fabric out of animal fibers. Below I give a detailed description of the process.

Besides felted scarves, felted cat balls, felted soaps and hand dyed silk scarves I make little dioramas out of real egg shells.

Felted ScarvesWool felt is made by taking raw wool and adding pressure, water and soap. After the fibers entangle more pressure is added and the wool is shrunk to half the size and the felting process becomes irreversible.

Nuno Felting when is the wool fibers bind to cloth.

Felted Soaps Only available in store.
I love making these little gems! What is so great about felted soap is that it lasts much longer and down to the last sliver. Wool is antibacterial and acts as a loofa or washcloth. I use Kirks coconut oil soap. All my felted soaps are colorful and have a stylized bird on it. 
They are inspired by "Put a Bird on It" From Portlandia fame.
Felted Cat balls only available in store. Made out of wool fibers felted around a plastic lattice ball with a bell. Cats seem to love wool and love batting these little toys around!
Ammi Eggs
I started making “Faberge” eggs in North Carolina in 1972 while my husband was stationed at Pope Air Force base. Eggery in the south was big back then. I learned to hinge duck eggs, with doors, and put music boxes inside. I even made a couple of ostrich egg clocks. What I loved making the most were the little chicken eggs covered with fabric with scenes inside. When I moved to the Monterey Peninsula I sold my eggs in a Christmas store in Carmel and at The La Playa Christmas show. Maggie Eastwood (Clint’s wife) bought personalized egg ornaments for their children.

I stopped making eggs as life went on, but always kept a supply of miniatures. In 2014, I brought out my supplies and made a batch for Artistic Portland. I love making these little ornaments. 
The picture you see of me is in 1973!