Guest Artists Beate Scheller

Beate at Press

Calling it Home

The first impression of my print shows a combination of well-known components, mixed with a touch of fantasy and oddness. Looking twice may reveal new objects or patterns. Then the viewer might recognize obvious or hidden changes appearing in my prints. 

Born in Germany I’ve lived now over 21 years in Oregon, and traveling in the US and in Europe shaped my artwork. From those experiences, nature and architecture became the main influences of each piece, with a combination of lines, shapes and pattern, real or abstract mixed with fantasy. 

I do etching and drypoint on copper, zinc and plexiglas, but also work with lithography stones as an easy and fast way to change surface. To combine these printmaking techniques makes printing even more valuable for me. Sometimes I take an idea further in developing it in multiple ways, add chine collé or use in addition watercolor and color pencil. Because one print is not the end of that idea, it leads to new images and creations of a print.

Beate Scheller