David Dahlquist

My name is David Dahlquist, owner of Yellow Bird Pottery. Ever since I began working with clay in high school I have said to myself “you should be a potter”. Instead, I entered into the family business. My passion for clay never left me and I continued throwing pots at night for fun. I read everything that I could on creating pottery with a focus on form and function. I maintained membership with Oregon Potters Association and studied ceramics on my own while pushing my skills and accumulating studio equipment. Throughout the years, I maintained a home studio and spent my happiest hours there creating. Early in my career I was able to participate in several art fairs and Portland Saturday Market.

Together, my brother and I ran a successful family business for 28 years then Garrick was given his first cancer diagnosis. 6 years later, he lost his battle to cancer. The career journey two brothers had embarked on together ended and my business no longer felt relevant or even viable to me. Life became very short and I realized I was still not doing what I really wanted to do, full time potter. Garrick told a story before he passed that he would show signs that he was safe and happy as a yellow bird. I sold my family business, left the corporate world and Yellow Bird Pottery was born. 

My pots are made from a very durable porcelain like stoneware, fired to 2200*F and slow cooled. They are all dishwasher & microwave safe. My focus is on functional forms that are beautiful and bring joy to everyday. All crafted by myself in Wilsonville Oregon.