Gray Jones

Ben Gray Jones is a fine artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. Gray originates from Washington DC, and studied art at Howard University, and received his BFA from the Corcoran College of Art & Design. He has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions in the DC area, and in Portland since relocating in 2011. In addition to fine art, Gray has honed skills in a number of fine art-related fields: digital art, graphic and textile design, custom framing, writing and editing, and antiquarian and media sales.

Gray’s work utilizes diverse materials including pen & ink, acrylic, watercolor, collage, and design vellum. Gray also explores variation, reproducing simple drawings but altering each iteration to evoke a different mood. Visually and tonally, his work is dark but simultaneously bright, filled with strong contrasts. Gray can little abide an empty white space, and fills page or canvas with lines, shapes, colors, and abstracted figures with indecipherable expression. His artistic influences include comic books, contemporary African-American Art, Renaissance portraiture, Art Nouveau, and Pop Art.