Jennifer Cook-Chrysos

My work centers around the appreciation of wildlife and the natural world. With degrees in both Biology and Art, I am drawn to paint the small moments in ecology going on around us all the time. I paint in both oils and watercolor, and I sometimes use patterned paper to add texture and surprise to my paintings. Although I often paint on canvas, when I incorporate collage elements I prefer painting on wood panel in order to adhere the paper more easily. I have discovered that I really love the texture of oil paint on panel which is more chunky and slick than on canvas. I like to finish with a glossy overcoat to make the surface fresh and almost enamel-like.

10% of my profits each year are donated to the Columbia Land Trust,, to preserve and restore vital habitats in the Pacific Northwest.

If you would like to purchase artwork that you need shipped, please contact me directly: [email protected]

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