Lilly Parker

Hello, My name is Lilly Parker and I’m a metalsmith, based in Portland, OR. I’m the designer and maker of one of a kind, handmade wearable works of art. Since 2012 I have been studying, learning and refining my knowledge of metal arts. 

My work is driven by the process of creating. From a young child I have been drawn to unique, and simple organic designs which are an integral part of the pieces I create. My pieces are almost entirely one of a kind and they evolve, change and grow depending how I am feeling and the inspiration that comes to me.

I vary my process depending on the piece; incorporating “lost wax casting’, “hand fabrication”, “stone setting”, “woodworking” and often incorporating all four into my work. 

In a world of mass production, I feel it is important to carry on the craft of handmade jewelry.The process can be  time consuming, mathematical,  scientific, often challenging but ultimately rewarding. The outcome is  a piece of jewelry that hopefully inspires you when you wear it; as much as it inspired me to create it. 

Thank you for supporting my work!