Michael Barley

My life has been filled with changes. Most were small, everyday adjustments but many were large and disruptive. I grew up in a military family. I was born in Japan and for fifteen years we moved more times than I can remember. I went to five different high schools. My father eventually retired and we moved to Oregon where I finished school in Springfield. Growing up on Air Force bases, I spent a lot of time in what were called hobby shops learning things like pottery, photography, lapidary, woodworking and metal working. It was this love for craft that has guided my life since.

Life changes have taken me from being a potter for 15 years to working with glass, making glass beads and fused glass pieces for another 30 years. In 2019, I discovered a process called powder coating, which is a method for applying color to metal. I was intrigued and began experimenting. I found in this new medium the love I have for combining color, shapes and techniques, opening up a new direction and a new change. Unlike the glass beads I made, metal is very light weight so I can combine different shapes of different colors to create interesting designs. The powder coat paint comes in thousands of colors and by mixing the colors, there are infinite possibilities. I love working with the colors and variety of shapes creating jewelry that I hope will brighten someone's day. All of these options offer me many ways to change and move in new and surprising directions in the future.

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