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"Dasher" is formed of LEDs and reclaimed steel, copper, brass, aluminum, & glass.

Notes on the creatures We call BEINGS:

This "Dasher" is from a society of living metal Beings

+Older Beings create new Beings. The creator Being is called a "fitter"

+"Fitters" use one of their own parts to start a new Being

+New/shiny parts mixed into the worn/aged/corroded parts indicate a being who has built others. OR a being who flirts with danger.

+A Beings "first fitting" (IE It's first part) is their most prized possession.

+Young Beings have less corrosion/wear/patina. IE shinny Beings are babies



[ dash-er ]


     A person or thing that dashes

     A person of dashing appearance or manner.

From Dictionary.com

Dashers are differentiated from the rest of Being culture by their distinctive language and obsession with velocity.

The goals of the Dasher community appear to revolve around speed, and the rest of Beings culture attempts to harness and take advantage of this.

Dashers operate most frequently as the messengers of the Being's society. But there is an uneasy tension between those who need messages delivered and the Dashers doing the delivery.

While observing a negotiation in process, I heard the customer admonish, “While carrying for me, you MUST NOT go full speed! DO NOT play your Red Shift games! And DO NOT run through populated areas!”

The Dasher countered with, “My velocity is irrelevant. Your message will arrive when it arrives. This is fact and you know it well.” Following up with, “You are also aware that Running risks Red. Red leads to Wave. All will change if I can Join the Wave.”

Upon hearing these cryptic pronouncements, the customer grudgingly agreed, the deal was struck, and the Dasher began its contract.

To this day, I remained mystified to the Dasher's intent. But (in my observation), it studiously avoided running while in populated areas.

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