Halloween Egg Ornament/Bat

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Some people love halloween so much they need a Christmas ornament with a Halloween theme. That idea came from a customer, where I sell at The Portland Saturday Market. Her husband rolled his eyes and said his wife is obsessed with halloween decorations. She asked if I had a halloween egg. I told her no, but I could make her one. She was thrilled. I gave her my card. Who knows! I thought however if this person would like a halloween egg ornament maybe others would too. I had fun making it.

This little ornament is made of a chicken egg shell. In the background is a picture of a full moon.The figure inside is a little "lucky mini" bat from Safari Ltd.  The covering is a cotton fabric. It isn't as delicate as you may think. It has layers of glue and fabric plus the "diamond dust" covering the background.

I can make a matching stand that is also made of an egg shell for $5.00. 

"I love my 'Amy Eggs'. We bring them out every year. My children loved them and now my grandchildren love them". I get them custom made with names and whatever theme is a favorite that year." Vickie Kendrick

“My eggs have held places of honor in my holiday decorations since I received them....(about 45 years ago). Honestly I'm shocked they all survived this long, but I'm so glad they did!” Debbie Lebeck

                                                        Ammi Eggs History 

I started making “Faberge” eggs in North Carolina in 1972 while my husband was stationed at Pope Air Force base. Eggery in the south was big back then. I learned to hinge duck eggs, with doors, and put music boxes inside. I even made a couple of Ostrich egg clocks. What I loved making most were the little chicken eggs covered with fabric and little scenes inside. When I moved to the Monterey Peninsula I sold my eggs at a Christmas store in Carmel and at The La Playa Hotel Christmas show where Maggie Eastwood (Clint’s wife) bought personalized egg ornaments for their children.


I stopped making eggs as life went on, but always kept a supply of miniatures. In 2014 I brought out my supplies and made a batch for Artistic Portland, a Co-op store for artists in Portland Oregon. I love making these little ornaments. They are very sturdy and have two layers of glue plus a layer of “diamond dust”. My friends and family have had these ornaments for 40 years and bring them out every year to hang on their tree.


I hope you enjoy them too!

Ammi Brooks Artistic Portland Gallery


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