White Nuno Locks Scarf

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The beautiful Teeswater locks you see on this scarf come from a farm in Estacata Or. The base of the scarf is a hand hemmed silk chiffon scarf. I add Merino wool roving, silk hankies (thin layers of silk the size of a hankie) and the locks. It measures 71/2"X73"

This scarf has been through a lot of rubbing and squeezing but it still needs to be hand washed squeezing gently with a mild soap.

The method for making this scarf is called Nuno Felting:

Nuno felting is a process by which raw wool is laid out in a desired pattern on silk or other natural fabric, adding soap and water, then rubbing and rolling together until the fibers travel through the fabric. When the fibers come through it is time to shock the fibers by throwing it or rubbing and agitating the scarf thus shrinking it up to 50% of the original piece. 

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