Paint Your Own Bowl

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Paint Your Own Bowl

Looking for a fun, creative activity that benefits the community? With our Paint-your-own-Bowl take home kit, you can spend as long as you like painting the plain, bisque-fired bowl we provide. In the kit you will find brushes of varying sizes, glazes, and a palette. When your masterpiece is finished, return the bowl (and kit) to the gallery and we will fire it for you by the first of the next month. All proceeds go to the Beaumont Family Resiliency Fund.

One order, many bowls: If you would like more than one bowl to paint, in the quantity field, select the number of bowls desired. We supply one (returnable) kit per order, which will contain ample supplies to paint the number of bowls requested. 

Please return your painted bowl(s) and kit within 1 week for firing. Your fired/finished bowl will be ready for pickup on the first day of the next month after we receive the painted bowl(s).

Happy Painting!

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