Rising from the Sea Necklace - Featuring Rare Plasma Agate, Leland Blue, and Pyritized Ammonite in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold

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This incredible necklace features three stunning stones - Rare Plasma Agate, Leland Blue, and Pyritized Ammonite - set in sterling silver and 14k gold. Each setting has gold accents in the form of either gold dots or gold prongs. On the reverse of each setting are details as well--a Humpback whale behind the Rare Plasma Agate, a cut out behind the Leland Blue, and a gold swirl behind the Pyritized Ammonite created by flowing 18K gold solder into a cutout swirl.

The necklace (chain) is handmade by forging each length of sterling silver and connecting them. It is currently 17.5" long, and I can add an extender if it is needed! When looking at the photo of me wearing the necklace, do keep in mind that my neck is thicker than most, so it appears tighter on me.

This is absolutely a one-of-a-kind necklace, built with unique materials, many hours of hard work, and a lot of love and inspiration. I particularly love the Humpback Whale! I wanted to make sure the wearer would be able to see as many details of the very unique Rare Plasma Agate as possible--it is one of my most prized stones.

  • Sterling Silver
  • 14K Gold
  • Rare Plasma Agate
  • Leland Blue
  • Pyritized Ammonite

Each piece of jewelry is handmade by myself--from drawing the shapes, piercing them out, curving, shaping, finishing and perfecting until you have this gorgeous piece of jewelry. They are made with love, and made to last.

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