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Sipper- Purple #2 is made from LEDs, upcycled glass & metal
This "Sipper" is about 11 1/2" tall.

Notes on the creatures called BEINGS:
+This Sipper is from a society of living metal Beings
+Older Beings create new Beings. The creator Being is called a "fitter"
+"Fitters" use one of their own parts to start a new Being
+New/shiny parts mixed into the worn/aged/corroded parts indicate a being who has built others. OR a being who flirts with danger.
+A Beings "first fitting" (IE It's first part) is their most prized possession.
+Young Beings have less corrosion/wear/patina. IE shinny Beings are babies

Sippers take their name from a tendency to “sip” a small portion of energy or “essence” from any source that comes close.

New Sippers are quite active. They will travel about until they find a grove they are comfortable with and settle in. Once within a grove, Sippers become much less mobile, moving only with the group.

A grove of sippers can number from two to several hundred. Once they've joined a group, Sippers will constantly sip from their surrounding grove mates. Essence will be shared back and forth among the whole group in an endless stream.

Groves, as a whole, migrate whenever newer outer-edge members detect a source of interest or essence. They move towards it, while maintaining contact with the grove. This movement works it's way through the whole group. Eventually the oldest members in the center will detect the grove's interest and move in the new direction.

Occasionally, after years or decades of harmonious sharing, a grove will convulse and splinter apart. The new, smaller groves and individuals will scatter in different directions, all moving toward a new attraction. No one can explain when or why this may occur but watching a large grove dissolve can be a dramatic spectacle.

This is an unattached sipper. Would you like it to join your grove?

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