Winnie the Pooh Real Egg Ornament Cardinal

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This little ornament is made of a chicken egg shell. The covering is a cotton fabric. On the inside of the shell is a picture from AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh book of Christopher Robin and all of his friends. In front of the picture is a little rubber miniature red Cardinal "lucky mini" , from Safari Ltd., a family owned US company. Lucky Mini’s found at @collage in Portland.The ornament has a hanger and a little matching stand.

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The egg isn't as delicate as you may think. It has layers of glue and fabric plus the "diamond dust" covering the background.

“My eggs have held places of honor in my holiday decorations since I received them (about 45 years ago). Honestly I'm shocked they all survived this long, but I'm so glad they did!”

Ammi Eggs

I started making “Faberge” eggs in North Carolina in 1972 while my husband was stationed at Pope Air Force base. Eggery in the south was big back then. I learned to hinge duck eggs, with doors, and put music boxes inside. I even made a couple of Ostrich egg clocks. What I loved making most were the little chicken eggs covered with fabric and little scenes inside. When I moved to the Monterey Peninsula I sold my eggs at a Christmas store in Carmel and at The La Playa Hotel Christmas show where Maggie Eastwood (Clint’s wife) bought personalized egg ornaments for their children.

I stopped making eggs as life went on, but always kept a supply of miniatures. In 2014 I brought out my supplies and made a batch for Artistic Portland, a Co-op store for artists in Portland Oregon.

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